Two sailors ca. 1940-1945. An image featured in the “Love and War” exhibit at the Kinsey Institute Gallery. More info on the exhibit can be found here.

The photo is usually seen cropped from the waist up, as it was in the 1980s when the activist organization ACT-UP used in it on a T-shirt in their Read My Lips campaign. But the print hanging in the Kinsey gallery is the original version. Below decks, the sailors’ flies are open, and they are, so to speak, crossing swords.”

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nine photographs portraying quotes said to sexual assault survivors by police officers, attorneys, and other authority figures

more info about project unbreakable here

original tumblr here

previously: nine photographs portraying quotes said to sexual assault survivors by their friends/family

This is heartbreaking

this infuriates me.

fucking disgusting 

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Piccadilly Circus photographed by David Boyer (1953).

I need to be there. Like. Right now.

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So since a lot of people have been asking me to make a masterpost i finally gathered everything :)) In this masterpost i mainly focus on mental health, support, education and other useful interesting things:) Hope you guys find something even a bit useful. xx

Anxiety, panic attacks, PTSD, OCD:



Suicidal Thoughts/Suicide Prevention:

Eating / binge/compensate disorders: 

Bipolar disorder:

Substance Abuse:


Sexual assault:


Trauma/PTSD/Grief and loss:

When you need to talk / safe spaces:

Other links:

~Please share this around and don’t hesitate to use any of these links! Good luck <3

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It’s funny. When you leave your home and wander really far, you always think, ‘I want to go home.’ But then you come home, and of course it’s not the same. You can’t live with it, you can’t live away from it. And it seems like from then on there’s always this yearning for some place that doesn’t exist. I felt that. Still do. I’m never completely at home anywhere.

Danzy Senna

(The most perfect quote I’ve ever read about traveling, this is how I perpetually feel.)

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Travelling isn’t always about running away from things, sometimes it’s about running into what you truly want.
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